Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to foster, promote, and support quality healthcare and value-integrated education around the world.


Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to quality healthcare and a value-integrated education that draws from the very best of Western innovation and Eastern wisdom.


Leadership – We aim to create well-balanced leaders who are equipped to compete at the highest levels, and embrace the social consciousness needed to serve others.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in education and healthcare that will serve the needs of people at local, national, and global levels.

Visionary – We continually seek the very best from both Western innovation and Eastern wisdom to create the highest quality education and healthcare available.

Holistic – We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare and education, where mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are each valuable pieces.

Ethical – We place significant importance on upholding moral principles and embracing social consciousness above all else.

Inspirational – We aim to uplift people,  reduce stress, and  inspire others to do the same.

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